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We need to let lawmakers know that child care is important to the health and success of New York families. Sharing testimonials with lawmakers about the importance of child care is the best way for us to make the case that early childhood education is critical in New York. 

Take 5 minutes to share a few words about your experience in New York, and help us let lawmakers know that child care needs to be made a priority in Albany! Finding affordable and high quality child care is a problem that affects families from all income levels, family size, and backgrounds.

Where do these stories go?


How has the quality of care affected your child care options?

How has the quality of child care impacted your child(ren)’s social, emotional, physical or cognitive development?

Cost of care

How has the cost of care influenced your ability to find child care?

How do child care subsidies support your family?

Availability/Flexibility of care

How has the availability of care in your area affected your work or home life? Are there wait lists or insufficient supply in your area?

How has the flexibility or lack of in your of child care options affected your work or home life?

We want to hear about…

We use your testimonials when we visit lawmakers in Albany to advocate for better early education policies. They help us illustrate the difficulties that families in New York go through, or the positive effects that a high quality early learning experience has had on their child. We can use your experiences to explain the problems families face every day in New York, and the successes that have come from utilizing the Child Care Resource & Referral network. Read more about our advocacy efforts here: Advocacy at ECLC.