There are 34 CCR&Rs serving all 62 of New York's counties.

Child Care Resource and Referral programs (CCR&Rs) are coordinating and planning agencies for local child care services. They provide support to child care providers, parents, businesses and local governments. 

Increasing the supply of high quality child care by providing a broad range of support services to child care providers, CCR&Rs also help families make informed decisions about available child care services.
New York's CCR&Rs:

  • assist families by providing a highly visible, centralized source of information for child care consumers;

  • identify sources of financial aid to help families pay for their child care choices;

  • improve the quality of available services by providing a broad range of support services to providers, including training, technical assistance and publicity;

  • expand the supply of child care by recruiting and training new providers;

  • educate parents about high quality child care and how to evaluate their child care arrangements on an ongoing basis.

There are more than 20,000 licensed child care providers in New York State.


What is a Child Care Resource and Referral program?

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